Filiz Helva


Our principal policy is to continuously improve our products, procedures and company in order to offer products to our customers in compliance with legal regulations and food safety conditions.

Therefore, our goal is to;
* Improve ourselves and our system by continuous learning,
* Work devotedly in order to achieve the targets we have set,
* Behave respectfully and honestly towards our employees and customers,
* Make corporate and technological innovations,
* Offer products in compliance with the microbiological, physical and chemical specifications, and

Operate according to business, equipment and personnel hygiene rules. In order to reach our goals, we;
* Organize trainings and social activities to improve the knowledge, experience and motivation of the personnel,
* Invest in technological innovations, personal development and adaptation to regulations and standards in order to make progress each and every day,
* Make no concessions to quality product and quality service approach under no circumstances,
* Use the cleaning and disinfection products of Johnson Diversey, the leader company of the sector, at our facility for food safety and hygiene. We produce products without putting product and human health at risk thanks to “Food Compatible Machine Oils” which we procure from Wurth Sanayi Urunleri Ticaret Ltd Sti.